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Featured Work

2014 Show Reel
Rosemary's Baby
Show Open
Picture Mill created show open for NBC’s 'Rosemary’s Baby’ TV Mini-Series.
Muppets Most Wanted
End Title Sequence

Kermit and his friend, director James Bobin came to Picture Mill looking for a fun, nostalgic, and heartwarming ending. Using elements from the movie, and mostly our hero’s faces, Picture Mill created a fireworks show over the landscapes of places found in the movie. The outcome is a mesmerizing and joyous celebration of Kermit and his friends.

For the End Crawl, Picture Mill shot and directed the Muppets so they would pull on an imaginary rope and credits, which we would comp in later. Swedish Chef was very confused while doing this, but a good sport nonetheless. The Muppet gang were more then pleased to see themselves pulling the end crawl, and cracking a few jokes.

Ride Along
Opening Sequence

In our second collaboration with director Tim Story we were asked to create a stylish and energetic opening to Ride Along. Picture Mill graphically treated select shots to emphasize the action in the sequence. The sequence ends with a bold graphic transition through the title card into the beginning of the film.

Copyright Logo Animation

The National Football League partnered with Picturemill to create a new copyright logo seen during their live telecasts.

As a dynamic camera sweeps over the twilight landscape, lights switch on in small towns and bustling cities across America. The glowing lights of our great nation reveal a new form of the iconic NFL logo, reaching millions of viewers every game.

Main & End Title Sequences

Director Robert Schwentke teamed up with Picturemill for the fourth time for the fun and energetic main and end titles for R.I.P.D.
Focusing on the unique weapons and distinctive key props from the film, Picture Mill created a rapid-fire 3D sequence with a graphic look inspired by classic Western title sequences, in bold contrast to the ultra-modern end credit music.

The Heat
Main Title Sequence

Picture Mill was called on by Director Paul Feig to design and edit an exciting throw-back title sequence for The Heat. A modern take on the classic buddy-cop genre, Mr. Feig was keen on walking the line between a classic 70's feel and a modern editorial style to set the tone for the picture. The team at Picture Mill cut together a fast paced, multi-panel sequence and created a custom look for the footage as nod to classic cop movies of the past.

"From the opening credits, one of the best sequences I've seen so far this year, The Heat plays like a good ole' cop movie and it keeps that energy going for its duration." - Row Three

Hansel Gretel: Witch Hunters
Main Title
Picturemill collaborated with director Tommy Wirkola and producer Kevin Messick to create an elaborate sequence to tell the early adventures of Hansel & Gretel as they grow up to be Witch Hunters. The tale of the orphans was created in Stereo3D using a combination of hand drawn illustrations, practical fire effects and CG animation. Picturemill also created a Stereo3D sequence for the end crawl celebrating the weapons and wands of the story and the mayhem created in the wake of Hansel & Gretel, suggesting the future adventures of the twins.
Main Title Montage
Smirnoff "Yours for the Making"
End Tag

Picture Mill was selected byJWT New York to create a unique and memorable tag for Smirnoff's new global campaign.

To create the unexpected effect of the logo coming from the aftermath of the party, Picture Mill created a full CG environment inspired by the location and details within the spots.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
End Title Sequence

In our second collaboration with director Timur Bekmambetov, we were tasked to create a Main on End sequence that expressed the partnership of Abraham Lincoln's writing and his war with the vampires to free the Nation. Using a combination of live action, CG and 2D compositing, Picture Mill has brought to life the merging of ink and blood in a living form as it creates the modern day United States.

"During the closing credits, as names of contributors to the film fade in and out, blood trickles in thin streams across parchment ultimately revealing the outline of the United States, a simple, powerful visual metaphor of Gettysburg, the Civil War, and the turbulent times of Abraham Lincoln."
– Entertainment Weekly Jake Boritt and Gabor Boritt

Can-Am "Tour of the Machine"
VFX sequence
Picture Mill joined with long-time collaborators Cramer-Krasselt Milwaukee to create a photoreal visual effect shot for the inner working of the new CamAm Outlander. Picture Mill match-moved a virtual camera through footage of the alloy rim, and then created a completely digital suspension, working engine, and eventually followed the combustion out of the exhaust. The 'tour' seamlessly connects two vastly different live action shots and underlines the key reasons a rider would pick a CanAm brand ATV.
Casa De Mi Padre
Title Sequence

Partnering again with Gary Sanchez productions, Picture Mill was asked to create a classic title sequence for Will Ferrell’s Spanish-language comedy. Working closely with director Matt Piedmont, Picture Mill designed and animated a bold sequence inspired by the titles for classic westerns of the 1960‘s.

Picture Mill also had the opportunity to film Christina Aguilera for the sequence, as she sang the theme song for the movie.

Panic Room - cutdown
Title Sequence
Giant letters loom over the early morning streets of New York City. The environmental typography has been mimicked but never equaled in its effect of dread and looming disaster.
Produced in conjunction with Café FX. View the complete sequence in our Film Design | Titles section.